IIntramanee's Code of Ethics

Intramanee Co., Ltd. operates its business by a code of ethics, adhering and disseminating this code to its stakeholders the following principles:Shareholders: The company aims to grow its long-term value, using its maximum capability to ensure a stable and wealthy return, all while monitoring risks and taking only those that are calculated with timing.

Customers: The company puts customers and their satisfaction at its core by focusing on partnership and shared value, customizing goods with quality, servicing with attentiveness, and delivering with timely accuracy. The company also treats claims and complaints seriously with the utmost urgency, should customers have any. Through surveys and continuous communication, the company always finds solutions to the best of its ability.

Employees: The company strives to do more than follow employment laws, abstaining from child labor, harassment and human trafficking, while supporting women's rights and being non-discriminatory towards race, religion, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or political views. The company believes in equal opportunity for employment and benefits, regular working hours and a safe working environment, all while training employees on the job to achieve common goals and organizational knowledge.

Suppliers: The company cooperates with suppliers through mutual agreements, selecting partners that are transparent and fair in dealings and trade.

Competitors: The company believes in a free and fair trade market by coexisting with competitors governed by commercial laws and business ethics.

Society and community: The company gives importance and awareness to environmental and social responsibilities to the community through emphasizing health and safety for continually improving living and working standards.